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Langley, BC chiropractors Dr. James Rice and Dr. Erin Rice welcome you to Rice Family Chiropractic. Our community-focused chiropractic clinic is located in Langley and serves the surrounding area including Walnut Grove, Fort Langley, Surrey, Cloverdale and Aldergrove. We are passionate about good health and provide care for the whole family from infancy through adulthood.

Our belief in Chiropractic is that we heal from within. What we do as chiropractors is look at your bio-mechanical system – specifically the spine and then optimizing how it works, so that the nervous system and the whole body works as well as possible.

A new patient here at Rice Family Chiropractic goes through a full series of evaluations. We start with two scans. We do a temperature scan and a surface emg – which is a scan of the muscles throughout your spine.

Then we do a gait analysis. We’re looking at your body’s bio-mechanics with a focus on the spine so we see how everything is functioning. Next we do a physical evaluation where we do palpation and check for different ranges of motion.

At this point we sit down and talk about what we’ve found. Our focus here is education – to teach people what’s exactly going on with their bodies, how that works and what treatment we suggest!

Our focus is the entire family. Erin’s focus is women and children, especially making sure that we have checks done from infants all the way through all the growing stages of childhood. We like to ensure that the entire family is getting wellness care.

We have 2 kids ourselves and we started chiropractic care right from the beginning… the first day that they were born. We did spinal analysis and adjusted them right away. We encourage our patients to bring their children with them to their chiropractic appointments.

We think it’s important that we, ourselves are all under chiropractic care. We adjust each other regularly!

Our friendly, family-oriented clinic is equipped with a computerized Spinal and Gait scanner. We take a holistic approach to your health and provide services like prescription orthotics and lifestyle advice including nutrition and exercise, all focused on achieving your optimum well being.

Our clinic welcomes families with children and we encourage you to bring your children with you to your visits.

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